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Tween Internet Safety

-> Do you have a Tween ages 8-13 who need to learn Internet Safety for Social Media? 

​​​Social Media and Privacy Settings for Tweens Ages 8-13

ANNUAL EVENT - ​October 12, 2017 6 - 8pm MST in Aurora, CO - Provided once/year

If you have a group interested, we can host at any time if you provide location, for groups of 10+ youth.

Only $45/family valued at $297/person

Teaching privacy, ethics, etiquette, Internet safety, do's and don'ts, safety agreements, bullying online, what to share vs not, creating accounts at whim, future fall outs with job searches, and a fun interactive photo game; to name a few. Intended for tweens, teens and Parents of this age group.

Key Take Always:

  • Family Internet Agreement
  • Best Practices in social media
  • Internet Safety Standards all platforms
  • Proper Use of Social Media - Tips (for Parents and Teens)
  • Bullying Online, what to share vs what not to share
  • Making Social Media Fun but Safe

Social Media Scavenger Hunt--> Safe Communication Strategies

  • Learning how to use social media for good
  • How to be safe, smart and savvy
  • Tools for good communication online and off line
  • Making good decisions now and for your future.

If you have a group of 8 or more youth that you would like for us to visit with this presentation, the session is 2.5 hours, $45/family.  Please provide the location, date and time and we would be happy to deliver this valuable information to your group. 


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