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Are you in  need of someone to manage your Social Media Profiles, Post Updates, Discussions, Images, Videos and Monitor your Social Media Conversations?

We have many custom solutions available for Monthly Support for your business.

What are Done for YOU Monthly Support Services?

Our Team will schedule your posts each month for you, monitor conversations and provide coaching on boosting posts.  We develop realistic goals based on your budget and show you ways you can support us in the process of maintaining activity in front of your viewers.

Why are Monthly Updates important?

Your target audience and followers will only want to do business with you if they begin to like, know and trust you.  This trust is build through activity in the social platforms that is consistent, educational and informative.  You can't close business overnight by a single post unless your audience trusts you.  They trust you by learning about you, getting to know you and building a comfortablity with you.  You will see that over time, they will begin to like, comment and share your posts as they become more comfortable with you.  Consistency is key in your social media campaign and our team can help with that.

How does it work?

As we get to learn your voice, we will host monthly calls to talk about your highlights, promotions and industry news we will share on your behalf.  We also ask our clients to send us articles and information throughout the month for us to reference so we can post relevant  material for your viewers.

How long is the service provided?

We believe your Social Media Support service should have realistic time line goals.  We recommend services last a minimum of 6 to 12 months for each campaign, but our service is available as Month to Month, we merely ask that you provide 30 days written notice should you decide to manage the service internally.

Where do you do this?

Our team is your remote resource for Social Media Management.  We support clients throughout the United States in their social media conversation management and prospecting.

What if I would like to utilize Social Media Management with LinkedIn Prospecting?

We have combination services available where we can provide both for individuals or corporate structures.  Custom pricing available for teams of 3 or more.

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