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So you have all of these social profiles created, now what???

Time and time again, I talk to people who have gotten frustrated with social media because they aren't sure how exactly the tools are supposed to work.  It is one thing to create a Facebook Fan Page it is another to engage socially and drive traffic to your website.  The same applies to LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and the relationship building that can happen in these sites.  Knowing how best to use the tools at hand is only half the battle.  Taking ownership of them and understanding the many dynamics of them is so important.

We have services to educate you on the best ways to use each social tool, manage them, maintain them and also help you understand how they work.  Our approach is simple.  We go at your own pace so you have confidence in using the tools at your finger tips.  

We often encourage our clients to “try on” the tools to get overly familiar with them before hiring us to manage the profiles for them.  The reason for this is because we want our clients to not only know how to use the profiles, but to take ownership of the work that goes into them also helps us to better support them long term.  If our clients don’t understand how they work, then they will always have question about the value behind our support.

We stand behind these three principles: Education, Ownership and Accountability.  We want to educate  you on how to manage your brand, which gives you ownership in your marketing and keeps you accountable for the success of your content sharing. 

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Join us!  Feb 25, June 2, August 25 or Nov 3, 2016  
9:30a-11:00a,  Aurora, CO

LinkedIn Prospecting 102 - Revamped with NEW Ideas, Changes to LinkedIn and Coaching Strategies Included in your Session!

Grow your business through prospecting techniques using LinkedIn.  Kickstart your YEAR in this class which we’ll teach you strategies to get NEW business using LinkedIn, set attainable Goals and implement successful strategies in LinkedIn that will help your business thrive TODAY.  This massively popular event will be hosted only once each quarter in 2016!  

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LinkedIn Prospecting 102 - Diving Deep into Lead Generation for your Business: Registration

Join us!  April 7th or September 22nd
9:30a-11:30a,  Aurora, CO

#BeAwesome in Social Media - The Workshop that will change your marketing for 2016!

Teaching you the tools and processes to implement a successful social media strategy TODAY using the TOP Trends of 2016.  This massively popular event will be hosted only twice this year!  This workshop is your roadmap to get the right systems, tools and strategies in place to build a solid foundation for a successful social media experience with your audience.  Launching these principles into your business will immediately improve your credibility with your customers by maintaining a long standing relationship with your clients so your competition isn’t claiming them from you.

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#BeAwesome In Social Media - The Workshop that will Ramp Up Your Marketing: Registration

Are you looking for a Social Media Speaker for your Groups or Teams?

#BeAwesome in Storytelling for Your Brand!

Can you relate to any of the following questions?

  • What are the latest trends for social media marketing for 2016?
  • How do we incorporate a relationship and retention building strategy with our clients in social media?
  • What are tools we can incorporate today to help build the "Like, Know, Trust" with our customers TODAY?
This presentation is an ideal fit for your business and the people in our group!
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#BeAwesome in Storytelling for your Brand

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