When you use social media, do you find yourself thinking this?

  • Why are my friends sharing so many controversial posts on social media?
  • I really don’t want to see animals getting hurt on Facebook
  • I am so done with political rants!
  • Every time I comment, I see something negative in response from someone
  • Why are you spamming my post with your product or service?
  • Please stop tagging me in posts that have nothing to do with me
  • Please stop adding me to your groups
  • I think it is time to block this person
  • If I unfriend them, will they notice?
  • Can I just stop seeing this person post?
  • You are not the person I thought you were
  • I can’t share your post because the page you share from is inappropriate
  • If you didn’t make your posts public, I would comment on them​
  • When you post 7 times a day, I get annoyed

Let’s be a culture that changes negativity on social media!  Join
#BeAwesome In Social Media on Facebook to join the conversation of spreading social media awareness and please use #SociallyKind in your posts on social media to help spread the idea that social media can be a positive experience.

Awareness movement to spread kindness in social media.

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